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Analytix Audit

Securing your Blockchain

  • Audit (Pinksale badge Supported)
  • KYC
  • Clean Badge (soon)
  • NFT Audit + KYC (soon)
  • New App (soon)
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Audit Projects

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Clients Protection

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Assets Protection

Clean Badge (Soon)

This badge cannot be achieved by every audited tokens, The contract must comply with anti-rug requirements before receiving it

NFT Audit/KYC (Soon)

Scared about fake Audit / fake KYC?
We are going to present soon our NFT that cannot be faked.

Analytix Audit is licensed

Analytix Audit is doxxed and licensed by Government of Dubai / Dubai Internet City / DDA (Sole License)

About Us

Not a traditional audit firm.

We are working hard to making the blockchain a more user-friendly world even for less experienced users.

NEW: Introduction of Clean Badge

The clean badge is reserved only for the projects that meet safety requirements.

Our Service

Smart Contract Services

Free checks 24/7

How to Request a Free check?

Join in our telegram group, and use the hastag #check + pinksale presale link and add my username on the text @FreddyCryptos. Our team will reply ASAP

Line x Line (Rebuilding)

Our team guarantee 360° cover, we will help build new smart contract from scratch if needed.

SAFU Projects

Thanks to our Clean Badge program that will be available soon, we guarantee the safety of a contract code.

Owner cannot mint token anymore.
Owner cannot compromise decentralization.

Everything ready for your token launch.

During our audit process we made accurate tests finalizing pool on testnet / adding / removing liquidity from pancakeswap to prevent issues at the moment of launch. Choose a clean launch choose Analytix Audit.

About Us

Easy onboarding process

Step 1: Request audit process trought telegram or website form.

Step 2: Project reviewing from our team, Analytix Audit will make a quick review about the project and start the auditing process.

Step 3: After audit complete, we will notify on every social media (Telegram, Twitter, GitHub) and pdf file will be avilable on GitHub.


Investors & Partners

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ATM Get In Touch form isn't available get in touch with telegram or mail us:
MON-SUN 00:00 - 23:59 (USE TELEGRAM)